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I made this post to compile all the questions usually asked by 2K players and newbies in modding. This will update from time to time. Please! do comment for more questions. 


Visit this Youtube video I made, it will guide you on how to 

install mods for 2K23.


- What is the latest hook for 2K23 and where can I download it? 

The latest version released by looyh was 0.018. You can download this 

Hook Plug In - DOWNLOAD

How can I assign a cyberface for 2K23?

Since Looyh did not release yet the 2K23 Roster editor tool. TGsogood provides a tutorial in which you can temporarily assign custom-made cyberface to your roster

How can I EXPORT games files from 2K22 or 2K23?
This video made by TgsoGood will guide you on how to export game files like cyberfaces, court files, etc.

How to add Headband, Change Hairstyle or Change Player for 2K23?

Looyh released a script PlayerEditor+ Plugin  for 2KHook which you can change hairstyle, change player and equip headband. Download it => HERE

Are 2K21 and 2K22 Mods works for 2K23?

Mostly NO. Every 2k series released has different structures. But there are some that still work for NBA 2K23 including:

- Shoes

- Stadium/Arenas (Need Shared Folder)

- Court

- Edit Player Background (Some are not working)

- Jerseys

- Dornas

- Stanchions

- Bootup (Some are not working)

- Reshades

- Ball (need to rename)

- Scoreboards

- Portraits

My Players are messed up after I install a global?

This only happened when you put 2K21 or 2K22 Global. Be sure to put the 2K23 Globals only

The arena or Stadium and Players became black

- This only happens again if you put the old Arena or lighting to 2K23. You need to download SHARED folder to fix the problem

Where to put the OFFICIAL ROSTER UPDATE for 2K23?

For the offline users, we don't know exactly where to put the sync bin. You need to find the "1919590\local" folders. There are a lot of videos on YT. Or you can join our discord 

I already put the ROSTER FILE (Sync.bin) but the roster did not change
Probably you put it in the wrong location. But if you put in the correct location and noticed that there are no changes in the roster, it is because 2k sometime updates only minor changes in the roster, not the lineup.

I downloaded a Cyberface and it's clipping through the jersey, with no hands, no hair.  How do I fix this?
If this happens, you mostly downloaded a 2K20, 2K21, 2K22 Cyberface. Old Cyberfaces do not work perfectly in 2K23. The body structure or the model is different. So be sure to download the 2K23 Cyberfaces only

Can I Install any reshade from previous 2K? How can install it? 
Yes! All reshades are universal. You can choose any reshades from 2K20-2K23.  I provided a tutorial which exactly the same for 2K23

 Why are my signature skills slots blank when I change them?
You are using an old english.iff. You need to delete this to fix the issue

My fonts in UI are all SAMPLE?
Again, You are using an old english.iff. You need to delete this to fix the issue

I installed Edit Player + for 2K23 but the hair is not changing.
You probably put the file in the wrong location. Be sure to watch the Tutorial I made - HERE

I Put a custom roster with Roster001 and rosterdesription files but it gets corrupted
A custom roster made by a 2K23 user must come with Sync.bin. You need the sync bin of the roster to coordinate with the roster file.

Portraits not working in 2K23
This is because you need to install 
the force portrait plugin by looyh. you can download it HERE

MOD Locations
Scoreboard: Mods folder
Cyberfaces: Mods folder
Portraits: Mods folder
Reshade: 2K23 Main directory
Jersey and clothing file: 
Jersey: mods folder
clothing_xxx_xx: clothing folder
Global: Mods folder
Lightings: Mods folder



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