This site all about nba 2k updates, cyberfaces, roster, courts and many more.

Mods Posting
People get in touch with us to post their mods in the site through email and facebook. Most of the links are from original sources except from eyeuc bacause they use pan.baidu which is not available in most countries, so we reupload it in order to easily download their mods.

If your mods has been posted without permission, kindly PM us through facebook (2kspecialist facebook) or email us at a2kspecialist@yahoo.com and we will delete it immediately. This a growing website which a lot of user goes here everyday for more updates.

About the Ads. 
Technically,  we put ads for this website to stay the website alive for years. if you know Shuajota, NLSC, 2Khub, Eyeuc and other website they put ads also to pay their web hosting, file servers, domains name, developer, editor etc. We ask for Donation/Contributors because it's not big as what others think. The longer the website, the more expenses of it just like what happened to moddingway.  We are not youtubers who earns thousands of dollars in just every video.

If you want to post your mods with us with adlinks, we have no problem with that. We supports modders who put a lot of efforts in order to share it to the 2k community with exchange of a very simple adlinks for them. 

We, 2kspecialist was built to share mods in every 2k fanatics which is using PC to improve their gameplay experience, graphics and other enhancement in the game.
Email: a2kspecialist@yahoo.com
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