NBA 2K23 Player Editor + (Change Hairstyle + Change Player Unlock) V1.5 by Looyh

NBA 2K23  Player Editor Enhancement (Change Hairstyle + Change Player Unlock) by Looyh V1.15

Mod Description 

This mod will add  Player Editor Enhancement (Change Hairstyle + Change Player Unlock) to your NBA 2K23

Platform:  NBA 2K23

Release Date: 09.20.22

Category:  Tools

Version: 1.4

Author: looyh

    Next-generation function implementation : (Both options are deeply integrated with the game native, and you can't even see that it is the function provided by the plug-in)


    Change Hairstyle

    -Switch players on the Edit page!!!

    -Unlock all sneaker brands

    -Unlock all Animations

    Each option can be toggled. >>After the status change, you need to re-enter the player edit to take effect<<

    1. Fixed a bug that reported an error when editing staff in Ultimate League

    2. Modified the text content of the modal pop-up window when switching players after editing a player. (Differentiated from the original exit from the game)

    3. Fixed a bug The place where initialization failed in the 1.01 upgrade file. (It's just that I have a problem in writing that leads to incompatibility. Subsequent upgrade files probably do not need to be updated and automatically adapted)


    1. Fixed the bug that player attributes and tendencies were not switched after switching players.

    2. Added: All Elbow Pads unlocked

    Instructions for use:
    -Extract the file. Put the files in NBA_hook
    -Enable it in NBA Hook UI by Pressing F8 in-game


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