NBA 2K23 Player Editor + (Change Hairstyle + Change Player Unlock) V1.6 by Looyh

NBA 2K23  Player Editor Enhancement (Change Hairstyle + Change Player Unlock) by Looyh V1.6

Mod Description 

This mod will add  Player Editor Enhancement (Change Hairstyle + Change Player Unlock) to your NBA 2K23

Platform:  NBA 2K23

Release Date: 04.17.22

Category:  Tools

Version: 1.6

Author: looyh

    Next-generation function implementation : (Both options are deeply integrated with the game native, and you can't even see that it is the function provided by the plug-in)


    Change Hairstyle

    -Switch players on the Edit page!!!

    -Unlock all sneaker brands

    -Unlock all Animations

    Each option can be toggled. >>After the status change, you need to re-enter the player edit to take effect<<

    Instructions for use:
    -Extract the file. Put the files in NBA_hook
    -Enable it in NBA Hook UI by Pressing F8 in-game


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