NBA 2K23 Raising Head While Shooting Plugin V1.1 by Looyh

NBA 2K23 Raise Head While Shooting Plugin by Looyh 


This modification  Raising Head While Shooting Plugin  will add an update to your NBA 2K23

Version: 1.1

Category: Tools

Author: Looyh

It seems that starting from 2K21, players do not look up when shooting. This plugin allows players to look up at the basket when shooting.  
After the plugin is enabled, it will take effect for all players globally. PS: Due to the different modification methods, it is only implemented in the player patch. The player also takes effect (no conflict).

This plugin is universal for 2K22/2K23

Thanks to the key information provided by @Pharrell (: In 2KU, after the tactical training fails, the shooting can be raised while the ball is stopped), I followed this direction to implement this function after analysis.

Instructions for use:
Extract the files, and copy NBA2K_Hook folder and paste the folder or overwrite it into your main directory
If the game is running during installation, you need to restart the game to take effect