NBA 2K23 Force Portrait Plugin - Enable Portraits

NBA 2K23 Force Portrait Plugin by Looyh 

Mod Description 

This mod will add  Force Portrait Plugin to your NBA 2K23

Platform:  NBA 2K23

Release Date: 09.24.22

Category:  Tools

Version: 1.0

Author: Looyh

2K23 Force player photos or renderings
Like last year, you can choose to force photo files or force the use of rendered images (clay figurines), and force photo files will only take effect for players who have photo files (no photo files can't be displayed out of thin air).

Instructions for use:
 The plugin path is placed in the compressed package, and the NBA2K_Hook folder in the compressed package is overwritten to the game directory.

If the game is running during installation, you need to restart the game to take