2K22 Remastered by Mahmood - Released!

2K22 Remastered by Mahmood

Intro Videos are BACK via the 2K22 Remastered Launcher!

Psamyou'll and I have been working on plenty of cool things for Remastered, but one of the *coolest* things HAS to be our proprietary launcher. It is completely user-friendly and only takes a few little steps to setup -- and voila, an intro video plays upon you pressing the launch button, and after the video ends, your game opens and the video window closes, resulting in a seamless experience. Oh, and by the way, the launcher will be released as an open-source tool following the launch of Remastered for those interested in creating their own bootup videos. Here is our bootup video below:

Completely Updated Main-Menu with Custom Scaled Elements

A few weeks ago, Psamyou'll and I decided to delve into the possibilities of completely remaking the Main Menu. With enough tinkering and experimentation we finally found a suitable way to create completely custom main menus with center images, custom text panels, and even moving the top bar down to the bottom. The result is a completely re-done menu which I currently can't stop looking at. Take a look here:

Custom Team Select

Along with the Main Menu Research, Psam and I also found that we could easily re-design the Team Select screen by some scne editing and texture work. This took a few hours, but man, is it refreshing to look at:

Updated Player Editor Suite

For a while, I searched for the Edit Player menu elements but couldn't find them whatsoever. About a month ago, I had a lightbulb moment and checked a certain file, and, whaddya know, it's there! The result is our update player editor suite -- with red panels and smaller sizing so you can see more of the player and animations. Another thing to note is our ray-traced cinematic lighting here, too. It looks rather nice in-game and I'm quite proud of how it turned out. S/O to 2KGod for the Edit Player PSD!

First In-Game Screenshot (with some clarification)

Here is the first in-game screenshot for Remastered. Initially, we were going to have lighting custom-crafted by TheMochna, but that didn't quite come to fruition as we couldn't quite optimize ray-traced lighting at that point. So -- for now, we will be utilizing Sportshub's Broadcast Lighting with my own personal ReShade. This may be a bummer, but for Remastered 2.0 I will be including Psamyou'lls Ray-Tracing Lighting Version 2, which is an utterly massive improvement to the current iteration that was released. Here is the current screenshot of Remastered's lighting in-game:

Slightly-Updated PlayerCard

We've shared our Player-Card in the past, but we decided to remove the moving 3D elements at the top of it (and other places) because it felt intrusive and clashed with a few of our custom elements we have made. I'd say that this change ties every menu together far better now, however.

Updated Pause Menu (Textures, Fonts)

The Pause Menu has also seen some work. We updated the font, added a texture while still maintaining readability, and the results are quite nice.

Be sure to follow all instruction files (in numbered order!)




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