NBA 2K22 Broadcast Music Pack V2 by ADAMB34N & VETMIN

NBA 2K22 Broadcast Music Pack V2 by ADAMB34N & VETMIN 



In Adamb34n's Intro Music mod, a single theme triggers on the 2KTV screen the moment before you're about to enter into a game and hopefully -- but not always -- lasts until close to tip-off. Our new approach uses the same principle as that mod, but instead does not trigger the music until the actual arena loads up, which means (1) the whole mod is offline-friendly, (2) the in-arena broadcast music is more realistically timed, and (3) the in-arena broadcast music is distinct from and does not clash with the audio in the AnimatedSting (i.e., the 2K Sports-themed intro before some games) and the audio in the TeaserMusic intros (i.e., the occasional music video-ish presentations that are by default set to songs called "Way Up" and "Legendary"). This third point means we were also able to independently customize those other two audio segments in a way that doesn't interfere with the in-arena broadcast music.

This mod pack offers varied, customized options for each of the three types of music:

In-Arena: ABC (two versions: End Theme and Retro - Early 2010s); ABC-ESPN Playoffs (two versions); AT&T SportsNet; Bally Sports; CBS - Retro (two versions: 70s and 80s); Comcast SportsNet; ESPN (three current versions + Christmas = 4 total); Fox Sports; MSG Network (two versions: current and retro 90s); NBC (two versions: current RSNs and retro Roundball Rock); TNT (three versions: current, retro early 90s, and retro mid-late 90s); and YES Network (two versions: current and retro from the NJ days)

AnimatedSting: NBA Copyright Notice (i.e., the "blah blah blah... express written consent of the NBA" thing, ideal for general use with all present-day / recent broadcast themes); a retro option (ideal for general use with all retro broadcast themes); and select broadcast-themed options: Comcast SportsNet, MSG Network (current), NBC (current RSNs), and YES Network (current)

TeaserMusic: Bally Sports; CBS - Retro (two versions: 70s and 80s); Comcast SportsNet; ESPN - Current; Fox Sports; MSG Network - Retro - 90s; NBC (two versions: current RSNs and retro Roundball Rock); TNT (three versions: current, retro early 90s, and retro mid-late 90s); and YES Network (two versions: current and retro from the NJ days) -- note that the reason we didn't bother with playoff themes for TeaserMusic is because in the real-life playoffs, the TeaserMusic-ish segments tend to use special hype music by specially featured artists, like Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" in 2006 & 2007 and Kanye's "Amazing" in 2009; see vetmin's Custom TeaserMusic pack for a few selections like that, and also post any hype-music requests in his thread

Since AnimatedSting, TeaserMusic, and In-Arena audio are all completely distinct, they can be freely mixed and matched. Some example combinations might be:

NBA Copyright Notice (for AnimatedSting) + Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" (for TeaserMusic, via vetmin's separate Custom TeaserMusic pack) + ABC-ESPN Playoffs 1 (for In-Arena) = 2017 Finals
NBA Retro (for AnimatedSting) + TNT Retro mid-late 90s (for TeaserMusic) + TNT Retro mid-late 90s (for In-Arena) = 1996-97 NBA regular season
YES Network (for AnimatedSting) + YES Network Current (for TeaserMusic) + YES Network Current (for In-Arena) = present-day YES Network
NBA Copyright Notice (for AnimatedSting) + YES Network Current (for TeaserMusic) + YES Network Current (for In-Arena) = also present-day YES Network, but better for users who like to experiment with different global.iff mods and would find it annoying to have to keep a separate, dedicated global.iff for one particular network (since custom AnimatedSting audio is housed within global.iff)

Installation instructions, recommended audio settings, and tips for use are all included in the downloads. Read the readme.

Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions:

My favorite team's TV theme / My favorite retro theme is not included in the pack. Will you make it for me?

Sure. These themes are easy to make, but there are a million of them, so we weren't going to go through the trouble of making every last one just for completion's sake. If you have a special request, just reply/PM here or via Discord (we both post at 2K Modding Society), and be sure to include a link to a good-quality version of the theme with no commentary over it. We'll convert a theme to 2K but we're not going to go hunting for the source audio for you.

The music is cool, but I really hate that you had to take away the pre-game team-matchup panel to make it work. Is there any way around that?

Not that we've been able to figure out. Basically, to create a trigger for the in-arena music, we had to use the 2K21 team-matchup panel (i.e., titlecard2.iff), and we couldn't get the team and city names to display properly in 2K22, so we chopped off that portion of the team-matchup panel so that it only showed the initial circular animation with the team logos (or "Playoffs," "Finals," etc.), which did display correctly. We would've ideally liked to get the team and city names to display properly or -- better yet -- find a glitch-free way to combine the 2K21 and 2K22 team-matchup presentations so that our version triggers the audio like 2K21, while maintaining the (in our opinion, superior) look of the 2K22 design. We took a few stabs at it, but always ended up with crashes or glitched-out results, so we set it aside, as it's ultimately tangential to what we were trying to do, which was to customize the music, rather than do a lot with visuals. Theoretically, any customized titlecard2.iff should work seamlessly with this music pack so long as it triggers the "titlecard" audio in sfx_inside_001.iff, as it did in 2K21. We would encourage any fellow modders willing to share compatible titlecard2.iff mods to please post them here, as the more options people have, the better.

Broadcast Music Pack V2

New Additions Include:

Animated Sting - NBA 75th (2022 NBA Season + Playoffs)

Teaser Music - Numerous playoff hype music options (2006-presnet)

Intro Music - ESPN Flagship Theme, ESPN on ABC Theme (2022 NBA Finals!), and TNT Flagship Theme - each shortened to better mesh with other musical components pre-game

Starting Lineups - Numerous ESPN themes as seen in real life NBA broadcasts

Transition Music - Numerous ESPN themes, TNT theme - Used for highlight montage in between quarters, end of halftime, and end of game

Overlay Music - Numerous ESPN themes - Used mainly for MyLeague - Including Injury Report, Power Rankings, Standings, Upcoming Schedule

To preview the audio, you should be able to open the .RESA file in most programs.

Keys are also provided in most folders detailing the current real life usage of each theme.
There are countless options to mix and match music to truly create a real life broadcast experience. While you can use some themes and music sparingly, the potential to create
multiple packages for each broadcast station will keep each game fresh and exciting. Combining different intro music, transition music, overlay music, etc. into multiple different
sfx001_inside.iff files opens the door for customizability that wasn't before possible. This can be done using Looyh's hook, where multiple Mod folders can be available to be toggled on at
a moments notice. For example, multiple ESPN Mod folders could be created to reflect a regular season or playoffs package.

This could look like this:


and so forth, simply toggling the one you want to use for any potential game. You can go as deep and complex with the customization as you want and have multiple sfx_inside_001.iff
files. If you are using Mood's sound overhaul, for example, you could create multiple copies of sfx_inside_001.iff with his components, then mix and match
different overlay, intro, and transition themes as desired.

Important Notes
- Every game in NBA 2k22 triggers different overlays, teasers, and transitions. Not every game will have the teaser music, the starting 5 overlay
configured by 2K to play the modded audio file, or the highlight montage that will play the modded audio file - but most will.

- Once you get past the AnimatedSting and TeaserMusic portions of the pre-game sequence (if they even show at all), it is best to let the presentation play out without pressing
any buttons to skip ahead. If you skip ahead, the theme could potentially get mashed together with other pre-game music and sound bad, or if you're skipping ahead really fast,
you might find yourself playing the first 10 seconds of the game while the broadcast theme is still playing. This also applies to any overlays or transition music in between

- Transition Music: Currently only one theme can be used at a time for transition music between quarters, as limitations with audio file modding only allow for this current method.
Transition music between quarters also ONLY triggers when quarters are at least ~5 min or more.

- There may be instances where the audio may overlap with other audio briefly. The implementation, for the most part, is solid but it can be occasionally off in
very few scenarios. This is apparent with transition music between quarters, as there is no way to efficiently shut off the music 2K plays on its own. Regardless, in most cases
it isn't too noticeable and doesn't take away from the immersion of having real broadcast music.

Adamb34n - Conception, File Process, Audio Implementation
vetmin - Conception, File Process, Audio Implementation
Mahmood - Insights, File Locating
Looyh - Hook Tool, Music Converter

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