NBA 2K24 Jordan Luka 1 PF Black Pink Green Shoes


This modification Jordan Luka 1 PF Black Pink Green Shoes will add an update to your NBA 2K23 & 2K24

Version: 1.0

Category:  Shoes

Author: KeepFit

✅2K23 & 2K24 Compatible


  1. i hate that its hard to create mods for this fking game. My artistic capabilities to creating custom colorways. Why tf its not simple as dds import/export and create custom colorways in photoshop and import as dds. Shits stupid.

  2. You can create custom colourways by changing a small hex file, really easy to do.

    1. not that, i meant putting custom textures on it like the EYBL versions. Also can you link me the hex thing i forgot how to edit shoe_ed files now. I create mods on different games but 2k gotta be one of the hardest to create mods.

    2. I want to like make the outsole and midsole have 2 different colors instead of 1. How do i do that?