NBA 2K24 NCAA College Hoops Roster 2024 (30 Teams) V1.1

This modification NCAA College Hoops Roster 2024 (30 Teams) will add an update to your  2K24

Version: 1.1

Category: Roster

Author: College_Hoops2K

Real NCAA College Roster 2023-2024 Season 1.0 Released for NBA2k24

The Roster contains the following  :
  • 30 college teams ( Team list below )
  • The players were created with the basik 2k face creation tool, tried to make them as realistic as possible
  • Names, number, position, HT,WT, Years Pro and birthday of the players
  • Ratings, tendencies adjusted to the real players
  • Badge System : I created a badge system on my own and categories the players to 3 groups

Based on this categories just a few people belongs to the  and they badges are 20+, they were also candidates for the player of the year award.
College Stars : 10-20 badges, they are real stars in college but they dont have a real chance on the AP Player of the year award
Above average or average : 0-10 badges

  • Accessories and shoes adjusted to the players based on his last appearance on the team. ( Checked a lot of youtube videos)
  • Headshots for every player and coaches
  • Real last season stats for the BIG10 players
  • NCAA bootup pictures
  • 23-24 Season Jerseys for 8 teams

    • Team List : 
    • Purdue              
    • Michigan State   
    • Indiana              
    • Wisconsin          
    • Maryland          
    • Northwestern    
    • Illinois               
    • Nebraska       
    • Penn State         
    • Minnesota       
    • Ohio State        
    • Iowa                      
    • Rutgers                
    • Michigan    
    • Duke
    • Uconn
    • Houston
    • Marquette
    • Arizona
    • Kansas
    • North Carolina
    • Alabama
    • Kentucky
    • Baylor
    • Auburn
    • Gonzaga
    • Tennesse
    • Creighton
    • USC      
    • Clemson
    V1.1: Added Teams (05.02.24) 
    • NC State
    • Louisville
    • Virginia
    • Florida State
    • Virginia Tech
    • Pittsburgh
    • Miami
    • Syracuse
    • Boston College
    • Wake Forest
    • Georgia Tech
    • Notre Dame
    • Oregon
    ✅2K24 ONLY

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    1. This is a amazing mod bro. Keep up the great work. Definitely will make all the 2k fourms aware of this project. By Amy chance would you be adding mods cyberfaces for teams like Arizona, or and Pac 12 teams. Or just more cyberfaces in general?

    2. Something is wrong with the rosters. Some of them have normal NBA players and legends on them


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