NBA 2K24 Roster Update With City, Classic & Earned Nike Jerseys (2017-2022)

This pack contains a roster file, jersey files, jersey font & tweak files and a recent SYNC file (just in case it's needed).

The included roster is mainly just a copy and paste of the current 2K official roster. However, I have added many of the Nike City, Classic & Earned jerseys from 2017 - 2022 and a few concept jerseys with the proper tweaks from various modders. This means that the jersey numbers and names will display correctly. A big thanks to Shuajota for his recommendation on NLSC on how to convert the jersey tweaks to 2K24 format.

Shout outs and credit to Pinoy21, Stove, CHession11, Dlubell, Kyuu, NecMetu and many others that poured hours of time into creating the jerseys.

Using Looyh's 2K24 Tools, you can copy and paste the jerseys into another roster. I added custom names to the City jerseys (in roster) to show what their inspiration was for each jersey design. Example: the current Bulls City jersey is inspired by Chicago Stadium, so I have it listed as such.

Note: some jerseys at the team selection will display with the wrong shorts or show a different jersey entirely depending on the order it is placed in your jersey slots on 2K24 Tools. It appears to be a glitch that doesn't affect the correct jersey showing in-game.

Version: 1.0

Category: Roster

Converted by: hollshore