NBA 2K23 ULTIMATE DRAFT CLASS 2024: (With Real Faces)

As the NBA season draws to a close, basketball enthusiasts around the globe turn their attention to the upcoming NBA Draft, where dreams come true for aspiring young talents. The class of 2024 promises to be nothing short of spectacular, with a pool of prospects that has scouts and fans alike buzzing with anticipation.

There are still six months until the 2024 NBA Draft in June and as predicted, the race for the top spot is still wide open. Two months into the college basketball season, there are several players helping their draft stock but it's the international players who have impressed the most early in the season.

Here Are the Top Prospect for 2024 NBA Draft Class 

1   Nikola Topic
2 Alex Sarr
3 Ron Holland
4 Matas Buzelis
5 Ja'Kobe Walter
6 Isaiah Collier
7 Rob Dillingham
8 Stephon Castle
9 Zaccharie Risacher
10 Kyle Filipowski
11 Donovan Clingan
12 Kel'el Ware
13 Garwey Duel
14 Reed Sheppard
15 Ryan Dunn
16 Izan Almansa
17 Cody Williams
18 Tyler Smith
19 Bronny James
20 Terrence Shannon Jr.
21 Justin Edwards
22 day Mara
23 DJ Wagner
24 Kobe Johnson
25 Wooga Poplar
26 Oso Ighodaro
27 Tyrese Proctor
28 Kevin McCullar
29 Trevon Brazile
30 Bub Carrington

Taking advantage of the start of the cyberface releases for the 2024 prospects, I'm sharing a Beta version with players, accurate accessories, and some generic faces with the aim of making them as realistic as possible. Within the shared pack, you'll find cyberfaces for: Bronny James (Beam Stone), Buzelis (Yuchen), McCain (Lonely), Taylor (2KSpecialist), Clingan (OG2K), Ware (SBUGS), Williams (SBUGS texture).

(c) Beam Stone, Yuchen, Lonely), 2KSpecialist, OG2K


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