NBA 2K24 Tools (Roster Editor) V1.0.3 | Looyh - RELEASED!

What is this roster editor about and why everyone loves this roster editor? 

This tool will make your life easier when creating a roster. Almost all editable features are compiled in this tool.  You can edit signature jumpshots, assign cyberface ID's, and animations, add a team, add jerseys, and other features through this tool. 

Features of this editor

- Facilitating seamless transitions within the game, this modifier enables automatic synchronization without the need for manual data refreshing. The data editing window functions independently, allowing concurrent editing of various data types.

 - Within a given list, such as players, employees, or teams, the tool supports secure one-click cloning. Rigorous testing ensures that cloning transactions exhibit no anomalies, addressing considerations like deep copying or unique IDs.

 - For cross-list functionality, the tool facilitates one-click batch copy and paste from the clipboard for all object module data. This supports copying by module tab or copying all data, allowing users to easily modify or share data by pasting it into the tool from a text editor.

 - The selection and allocation of teams, jerseys, shoes, etc., are presented visually through images rather than mere text. For instance, when dealing with jerseys, users can visually assess the appearance of each jersey.

 - The tool supports cross-list synchronization of sneaker data, utilizing the clipboard as a medium for convenient data sharing.

 - Users can create or edit player/team season data, team hostility values, and edit team records such as points and rebounds. When dealing with new data, the tool considers the game's dynamically allocated memory constraints, identifying available spaces like jerseys without names or teams with placeholder names. Users can leverage these spaces to tailor the data according to their preferences, essentially creating new entities.

 - While the provided information highlights some features, there are numerous other functionalities not captured in the screenshots, encouraging users to explore these features firsthand.

The Importance of this mod in modding community

This editor offers a versatile solution, allowing users to craft rosters tailored to their preferences, not only for the NBA but potentially for other leagues as well. The continuous development and adaptation of the tool to newer game versions, such as NBA 2K24, demonstrate a commitment to providing users with the ability to customize their gaming experience. Looyh is currently working on making it compatible with NBA 2K24.


* Batch operations such as cloning, assigning teams, trading, and copy-pasting from the clipboard are all supported for batch processing. As well as batch editing of selected data at once.

* Enhanced sorting functionality with support for manually selecting sorting rules.
* Added shortcuts for search (Ctrl+F / Esc) and refresh (Ctrl+R) on main lists. Also added shortcuts for closing windows (Ctrl+W) and scrolling back to the top (Ctrl+T) on editing windows.

* Supports reading preview images from custom mod resource folders outside of mods via Hook.

* Added position saving for all windows, keeping the position you moved them to, and making it more user-friendly for users with multiple monitors. When the main window is in full-screen mode, editing windows will automatically stay on top to prevent it from being covered.

- Added handling of player contract types (two-way/hardship/Euro stash), the ordinary contract type increased to support up to 20 players, totaling 20 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 26 players.

- Added player referencing feature, similar to All-Star teams, referencing players from other teams without changing their original team.

-  Added a new player filter called `Unassigned Players` to filter out unused players from the roster who are not on a team and not listed as free agents.

- Added automatic rotation handling; team rotations will be reset automatically after player trading/assignment/etc.

- Team assignment supports selecting target contract type, unassigned players can be directly released as free agents, `Remove from Roster` changed to `Remove from Current Team`, and other minor improvements.

- Staff Editing: added the `Coaching` tab, for `Coaching` and `Sim Points of Emphasis`.
* Stadium Editing: added an item`Home Team Basket` (left or right side).
- Jersey Editing: added an item`Color Luminance Level`, this value is used in the game's native automatic jersey selection to avoid assigning similar-colored jerseys for the home and away team.

1. Fixed the problem that the position of the window is saved after it is minimized, resulting in the window not being displayed when it is opened again.

2. Added a "Don't show again" checkbox to the prompt window for multi-select operations.

3. Added support for the LZMA compression algorithm Support for reading iff files (avatar previews, etc.) from the Mods in the Dest list.

1. Allowing smaller window sizes, the option list on the left will change to display only option icons when it is smaller than a certain size.

2. The option menu of the right mouse button adds edge judgment (for example, if there is insufficient space at the bottom, it will expand upward, and if there is not enough space on the right side, it will expand to the left) to avoid incomplete display of options when it is at the edge of the monitor.

3. In the player data editing page, a jersey number option has been added (if the player's number is to be retired, the number in the data will be used)

4. Fixed the bug in the data offset error of the two options of jersey editing, 'whether it is home field' and 'whether it is user-designed' (No team creation is renamed to whether it is user-designed)

5. Fixed the bug of being unable to read files from the Chinese mod folder when reading preview images

1. Fixed a bug encountered by a few people, which caused the tool to crash after selecting the jersey list


  1. theres a bug wer i assign the city jersey for city court it doesnt work and when i click the menu on the tool where it says teams its just white, i cant save my edit on assigning city jersey to city court

  2. and my avast antivirus keep saying the nba 2k24 tool has trojan horse, please fix

  3. I tried applying VASILIJE MICIC CYBERFACE but there is no change.
    The face number has been modified, but it is still the default face.
    But other player faces apply (ex - D'ANGELO RUSSELL)

    Please check if there is a solution.