NBA 2K24 Hook (Mods Folder) V24.0.2

The main purpose of the hook for 2K24:

Crafted by the well-known modder in the community of 2K, Looyh, the NBA 2K24 Hook serves the purpose of facilitating the integration of various mods, including cyberfaces, courts, jerseys, and more. As one of the leading modders in the modding community, looyh's creation empowers users to enhance their gaming experience through the incorporation of diverse modifications.

The purpose of modding 2K.

The primary objective of modding NBA 2K24 is to enhance the gaming experience of the basketball games on PC. This is achieved through various modifications, including significant improvements in cyberfaces (face scans), where realistic textures are applied to create a more authentic appearance. Courts are updated to reflect real-life counterparts, and additional enhancements, such as graphics and lighting adjustments, are made to achieve the utmost realism in the gaming experience. Overall, modding contributes to a more immersive and visually appealing rendition of the NBA 2K24 game on the PC platform. Join the discord community for a further 2k mods. Discord

What's new in NBA 2K24 HOOK?

1. The ‘Mods’ folder of Hook (and all custom mod-resource folders) has been moved inside the ‘NBA2K_Hook’ folder, while the ‘mods’ folder in the game’s root directory continues to be managed by the game native. (refer to the end of the post ‘Why did I move the Mods folder of Hook inside the NBA2K_Hook folder?’)

2. Custom resource folders no longer require starting with “Mod”, and 2K24 Hook now supports nested subfolders as resource folders. For example, ‘Foo/Bar’ represents the ‘Bar’ folder within the ‘Foo’ folder as a resource folder.

3. The part of the mod file loading has been refactored to provide better support for loading WAV files. Now you can mod s850.iff and PA WAV files, and have a better experience with custom soundtracks.

How do you install mods correctly with the new HOOK?

1. The "mods" folder of NBA 2K24 is found inside the NBA2K Hook folder now. 
Unlike 2k23 and before, 2K24 Hook’s Mods location has changed

2. The hook needs to use 1.2 EXE. Download it here 1.2 EXE

3. Ensure that your file explorer displays file extensions(google it if you don’t know how to enable it).

4. Inside the mod resource folder you created, you can see a ‘.mods’ file. This file serves as an indicator that the folder is a resource folder. Create a new text document within this folder and rename it to “.enabled” (don’t forget the dot at the beginning). This file tells Hook to enable the mod folder by default when Hook first scans it.

5. Finally, your mod folder should look like this:

─ .mods       
─ .enabled
─ other_mod_files(iff files .etc.)

V24.0.1: Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash immediately when running. Only a few people encountered it. It was an anti-cheating bug.

V24.0.2: 1. Fixed a thread safety bug when canceling event listening inside the event processing function.
2. Some other minor fixes..


  1. Plugins don't work contains bugs

  2. Any idea when if a new nba 2k24 hook is in development that will allow it to run even while using the latest game .exe?