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This modification  NBA 2K24 Next Gen Scoreboard for 2K23 PC V2 will add an update to your NBA 2K23

Version: 2.0


1. The information on the right has been changed from the fixed home name of V1 to dynamically displaying the data of a player on the field (the effect is as shown in the picture, including the team logo, name, and some technical statistics , usually when a player scores, assists, or rebounds. Automatically switch the displayed players after that, but it may not change, but at least it can change frequently)

2. Fixed the bug where the text at the end of each section overlaps with the white background of the time.

3. A lot of details have been redone according to the actual effect of the next-generation scoreboard:

4. Added display of the number of fouls committed by both sides

5. Add Bonus display

6. The position of the foul prompt has been changed from the right side of V1 to the top left side of the scoreboard, which is the same as the next generation.

7. Added playoffs & finals & MyTeam information display

8. Reworked team color background styles

9. The scoreboard border has been adjusted and an appropriate amount of shadow effects have been added.

10. Reworked the style of team timeout numbers

Category: Scoreboard

Author: Vetmin & Looyh