NBA 2K23 Golden State Warriors Cyberfaces BIG 3 Pack


This modification Golden State Warriors Cyberfaces Pack will add an update to your NBA 2K23

Version: 1.0

Category: Cyberfaces

Author: AeTM, Vindragon, & KyleAncajas2k

* A collaborative works by AETM MODS x KyleAncajas2K x VindragonMODS

Stephen Curry V3
* 5 hair options. (Including his latest hairstyle today)
* New HD face texture.
* Edited chest color and normal map.
* Added left arm long sleeve (you can change the color of it by selecting the color of the headband), active faith rubber wristband and knee band-aid.
* Accurate body model.

Klay Thompson
* 2 hair options.
* HD face texture.
* Accurate body model.

Draymond Green
* HD face texture.
* Accurate body model.

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