NBA 2K23 NBA 97 What If Roster? by Yoshimo

NBA 2K23 NBA 97 What If Roster? by Yoshimo 

"What heights can you reach if you stay healthy" has been one of the most discussed topics among NBA fans throughout the ages. As a fan for many years, I have personally experienced a lot of regrets. This list is dedicated to [Based on historical facts, by rewriting part of the tragic history to make up for regrets and prolonging the peak state of stars who had outstanding performances, to enhance the strength of each team, to change the dominance of the Jordan Bulls, and to make the upcoming Kobe Era The NBA era is more exciting and suspenseful].

This list is based on the 2K22 version, and a large number of imaginary plots have been added. The list and related resources are freely available for download. 

List features:

1. "Change 1986":
The '86 draft could have been another golden generation. But this generation of players has brought us many epic regrets. Therefore, this list opens a parallel time and space, and rewrites part of the history (of course, the changes are not limited to the 86th class players, there are many other adjustments, and the new plots in the 23rd edition will be marked with the word "new"). In another timeline, the story goes something like this:

About the Philadelphia 76ers:
1. Derek Coleman (1st pick in '90) didn't experience a major injury in '95 and became more disciplined. Joining the 76ers and at his peak, he ushered in 1996 No. 1 pick Allen Iverson.
2. (New) Spurs star point guard Johnny Dawkins (No. 10 in 1986) joined the 76ers and did not miss the season due to a knee injury in the 1990-91 season, and he has played until now.

About the Milwaukee Bucks:
1. (New) Almon Gilliam hasn't declined significantly since joining the Bucks. A strong choice for the forward position.
2. (New) The Bucks' backcourt duo in the late 1980s and Ricky Pierce and Paul Plessy decided to return to their roots in the twilight of their careers.
3. (New) Jane Humphries, the leading point guard in the early 1990s, has not left the team and has been playing until now.

About the Cleveland Cavaliers:
1. Brad Doherty (the No. 1 overall pick in 1986) is no longer suffering from injuries. The Cleveland Cavaliers he led have ushered in his future successor, Big Z, this season.
2. Veteran Larry Nance decided to return to contribute more firepower to the Cavaliers' rotation.

About the Celtics:
1. Len Bias (the No. 2 pick in 1986), who was as famous as Jordan in college, did not die unexpectedly after the draft. He became a Celtics star.
2. Reggie Lewis was cured of a heart attack, became No. 2, and made extraordinary contributions on the defensive end.
3. The old three giants prop up the rotation of the Green Shirts.
4. (New) KC Jones, a meritorious coach during the Three Giants period, has been coaching the team until now.

About the Atlanta Hawks:
1. The 36-year-old Dominic Wilkins has maintained a good competitive state and returned to the Hawks. Now they have a strong starting five.
2. (New) Eagles guard Doc Rivers decided to return to play for another year to see if he can fight for another championship.

About the Charlotte Hornets:
1. Star shooting guard Kendall Gill was not traded away by the team.
2. (New) Forward Johnny Newman was not traded by the team after showing excellent scoring ability and continued to play for the Hornets.

About the Utah Jazz:
1. The legendary center Mark Eaton decided to come back and guard the restricted area for the Jazz on the way to the championship.
2. (New) star power forward Thirl Bailey was not traded, and now he provides a stable output for the Jazz when Karl Malone goes off the court;
3. (New) bouncer Darrell Griffith is not in 86. The season was canceled due to a foot injury, and he started his 17th NBA season with the Jazz.

About the Sacramento Kings:
1. Mohamed Abdul-Rauf has not declined since leaving the Nuggets. He and Richmond formed the new King's backcourt.
2. After being selected by the NBA in 1995, the white magician Dejan Bodiloga shined in the next year's Olympic Games, and then he decided to sign with the Kings and come to the NBA.
3. (New) No. 1 pick Pevis Ellison in 1989 did not suffer an injury early in his career and stayed with the Kings as a strong defensive center.
4. (New) Talented point forward Billy Owens (the third overall pick in 1991) returned to the Kings and began to gradually realize his potential. Together with Bodilloga and Peijia, he started to build the team basketball foundation in advance.
5. (New) Lionel Simmons (No. 7 in '90) didn't experience a slump after a productive first three years of his career. Contribute stable firepower in the King's Formation.

About the New York Knicks:
1. The king of New York, Bernard King, returned to the city where he was honored in the twilight of his career.

About the Los Angeles Lakers:
1. The careers of Magic Johnson and James Worthy extended to the 96-97 season. This season they ushered in Shaquille O'Neal, along with Van Exel, Eddie Jones, and future star Kobe Bryant.

About the Orlando Magic:
1. (New) Scott Skiles stayed after the Magic's outstanding performance and became the backbone of the team.

About the Dallas Mavericks:
1. Roy Tapley (No. 7 in the first round in 1986) was not involved in drugs after his fame and became the No. 1 star of the Mavericks. They welcomed future cornerstone Michael Finley in '95.
2. Mark Aguirre, the No. 1 pick in 1981, decided to contribute his final strength to the Mavericks in the twilight of his career.
3. (New) star shooting guard Rolando Blackman (No. 9 pick in 1981) was not traded by the team in 1992 and is still the team's main rotation.
4. (New) Legendary coach Don Nelson decided to take the helm in advance to help the team build a system.

About the New Jersey Nets:
1. Drazen Petrovic (13th in 3 rounds in 1986) did not die in a car accident. Now he's the Nets' most threatening scoring point.
2. Kenny Anderson, the No. 2 overall pick in 1991, did not leave the team at the end of the 1994-95 season. He and Petrovic formed the current Nets backcourt.
3. Sam Bowie – The man who went ahead of Jordan in the draft didn’t suffer a devastating leg injury early in his career. He has become an All-Star technical center after leaving the Blazers to join the Nets.
4. (New) Chris Morris (No. 4 in '88) didn't leave the team at the end of the '94-95 season and developed into an all-around forward.

About the Denver Nuggets:
1. Sabonis national teammate Sarunas Mathilionis did not miss the entire season due to a knee injury after bringing the Eurostep to the NBA and playing a high-profile performance. He came to the Denver Nuggets this season and became the starting point guard.
2. Star guard "Fat Man" Liver returned to the Nuggets in the twilight of his career.
3. (New) Star striker Kiki Vandeweghe is back where his dream started.

About the Indiana Pacers:
1. Rick Schmitz fulfilled the talent of the No. 2 pick in 1988, and Reggie Miller formed the inner and outer pillars of the Pacers.
2. (New) Steve Stepanovich (2nd overall in 1983) did not suffer from knee degeneration that made him retire early, and is still an important inside force for the Pacers.

About the Detroit Pistons:
1. Isaiah Thomas continues his career. He and the peak of Joe Dumars, Grant Hill constitute the Pistons terrorist attack group. Also in the rotation is Bill Laimbeer, who also continues his career.

About the Houston Rockets:
1. Due to the lack of helpers at the point guard position, the Rockets decided to persuade Slippi Floyd to come back and join.

About the San Antonio Spurs:
1. Chuck Posen (No. 4 in the first round of 1986) came to the Spurs and returned to health. He joined hands with Admiral Robinson, Jr. Johnson, and Sean Elliott, who has not yet suffered from kidney disease, to attack the championship.
2. Legendary guard Erwin Robertson decided to return to the Spurs to contribute firepower to the rotation and impact the championship.

About the Phoenix Suns:
1. Danny Manning has never been affected by the cruciate ligament injury. He continued to perform brilliantly in the Suns and became an All-Star insider.

About the Seattle SuperSonics:
1. (New) Meritorious forward Xavier McDaniel (No. 4 pick in 1985) never left the Sonics and still contributes impact in the team.

About the Portland Trail Blazers:
1. Roof of the World Sabonis (24th in the first round of '86) never lost his athleticism during the Soviet era. In addition to him, the current Trail Blazers also include veterans Terry Porter, Jeremy Corsey, and growing Isiah Ryder, Rasheed Wallace, Jermaine O'Neal .

About the Golden State Warriors:
1. Mark Price, who led the team with Doherty in the 1989 playoffs against the Jordan Bulls (the first in the 2nd round in 1986), returned to the Warriors and became the new Warrior Field commander.
2. Ralph Sampson returns to health after leaving the Rockets. He continued to show interior dominance with the Warriors. And to provide more growth help for 1995 No. 1 overall pick Joe Smith.

About the Washington Bullets:
1. Legendary guard Jeff Malone decided to return to the roots and contribute more firepower to the Bullets' rotation.

"Discipline sets me free":
Most major players will appreciate their careers better, allowing them to have a longer peak period and avoid the premature death of talent.

"Salary Matching": The
roster players are based on the salaries of the 1996-97 season, and adjusted by multiples according to the salary cap gap of the 22-23 season to optimize the game experience.

How to use:
1. Online version:
1. Search the keyword NBA 96-97 What if to download the list.
2. Copy the contents of the "patch file" folder to the game installation directory, overwriting the mods folder.

2. Offline version:
1. Enter the game, create a new list, and exit the game. Rename "RosterNBA0004" under the downloaded "roster/remote" folder into the game save folder (remote), and overwrite the roster just created in the game. If the in-game read list appears corrupted. Put SYNC.BIN into the local folder to overwrite the original file.
2. Copy the contents of the "patch file" folder to the game installation directory, overwriting the mods folder.