NBA Pre Season Official Schedule For 2022-2023

NBA Pre-Season Official Schedule For 2022-2023 

(image from NBA TV)

Before the commencement of the 2022–23 season, NBA teams are starting to publicize their preseason schedules. What each team has released is listed here

.(image from NBA TV)

September 30, 2022:  Golden State Warriors VS Washington Wizards

October 1, 2022: Memphis Grizzlies VS Milwaukee Bucks

October 22022: Washington Wizards VS Golden State Warriors

October 2, 2022: Charlotte Hornets VS Boston Celtics

October 2, 2022: Utah Jazz VS Toronto Raptors

October 2, 2022: Adelaide 36ers VS Phoenix Suns

October 3, 2022: Philadelphia 76ers VS Brooklyn Nets

October 3, 2022: Sacramento Kings VS Los Angeles Lakers

October 5, 2022: Cleveland Cavaliers VS Philadelphia 76ers

October 5, 2022: Phoenix Suns VS Los Angeles Lakers

October 6, 2022: Milwaukee Bucks VS Atlanta Hawks

October 7, 2022: Miami Heat VS Memphis Grizzlies

October 8, 2022: Atlanta Hawks VS Milwaukee Bucks

October 9, 2022: Chicago Bulls VS Toronto Raptors

October 9, 2022: Los Angeles Lakers VS Golden State Warriors

October 10, 2022: Philadelphia 76ers VS Cleveland Cavaliers

October 11, 2022: Memphis Grizzlies VS Orlando Magic

October 11, 2022: Portland Trailblazers VS Golden StatevWarriors

October 13, 2022: Memphis Grizzlies VS Detroit Pistons

October 14, 2022: Boston Celtics VS Toronto Raptors



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