NBA 2K23 Tool (Roster Editor) V1.1.3 By Looyh - RELEASED!

NBA 2K23 Tool (Roster Editor) by Looyh

Release Date: 01.29.24

Category: Tool

Version: 1.1.3

Author: looyh

NBA 2K23 Tool (Roster Editor)

  • Added player overall rating display + real-time calculation update (now you can see the overall rating changes in the tool after modifying player attributes or badges) | and new rating label style
  • Added player modification: personality, initials type, contract intent.
  • Drop-down options support fuzzy search of entries
  • Slider supports manual input of values
  • The edit page supports search for control elements, highlighting the name of the hit element (ctrl+F or click the search button)
  • Player attribute summary display + real-time calculation update characteristic
  • In-game switching list, automatic synchronization switching in the tool, no need to manually refresh the data
  • The data editing window is independent, and multiple data can be edited at the same time
  • Within the same list, players/employees/teams support one-click secure cloning (clone transactions, etc. have been tested to ensure that there is no abnormality, such as data that requires deep copying or unique id, etc. have special treatment)
  • For cross-lists, all object module data supports one-click batch copy-paste from the clipboard (supports sub-module tab copy or all data copy)
  • For example, you can copy the data to a text editor to modify, or copy and share it with others, just paste it into the tool.
  • The selection/assignment of teams/jerseys/shoes are all image visualizations, not only text, for example, for jerseys, you can see the appearance of the jerseys
  • Supports synchronizing sneaker data across lists (also through the clipboard as a medium to facilitate data sharing)
  • Support to create or edit player/team season data, as well as the team's hostile value, as well as the editing of team records such as points and rebounds
  • Regarding the new data, the memory dynamically allocated by the game is limited (this needs to start from the list parsing, which is not considered for the time being), but there are many vacancies, such as jerseys without a name, and the team whose name is * can be used to change to yourself The desired data is equivalent to creating a new one.
  • There are many other features, which are not reflected in the screenshots. You can discover them by yourself.
  • If you add, delete, or modify the patch files in Mods and the pictures in the tool are not synchronized, open 设置- 清理缓存, and then manually refresh the list. (Of course, you can also restart the tool, and the tool will automatically determine whether it needs to update the cache locally)
  • Right-click menu supported in all lists (handling trades/assigning teams/clones, etc.)
  • Double-click a data on the list page to open the editing window directly
  • Right click the mouse in the editing window, or click the button in the lower right corner to display operations such as data copying, maximizing the editing area, etc. For property modification, this menu will display special shortcut operations such as property +1 -1 full full.
  • The modification of read-only controls can be turned on from the settings
  • There are prompts in the editing window. [ * ]You can see the prompts by placing the mouse on the title. This is very important. How to modify and use some data depends on this explanation.
  • 1. Added player overall rating display + real-time calculation update (now you can see the overall rating changes in the tool after modifying player attributes or badges) | and new rating label style
  • 2. Added player modification: personality, initials type, contract intent.
  • Fixed a bug in V1.0.1 that could cause the game to not be detected
  • Fixed team type - Jordan Challenge - being blank.
  • 1. Fixed a problem that was added in V1.0.1 that could cause the game to run undetected
  • 2. Fixed a bug added in V1.0.1 that may cause the tool or game to crash after closing and reopening the game
  • 3. Player editor added (attributes): total rating cache, total rating upper limit, total rating lower limit
  • 4. Arena Editor Added: 3rd Alternate Floor Trigger Jersey
  • 1. Batch operations, cloning, assigning teams, trading, copy and paste from clipboard, etc., all operations are supported in batch processing. And batch edit selected data at one time.
  • 2. The sorting function has been enhanced to support manual selection of sorting rules.
  • 3. The list page adds shortcut keys, search Ctrl+F / Esc, and refresh Ctrl+R. The edit page adds Ctrl+Wclosing windows and Ctrl+Tscrolling back to the top.
  • 4. Supports working with Hook to read preview images from custom mod resource folders other than mods.
  • 5. Added position saving for all windows to maintain the position you move, making it more friendly to multi-monitor users. When the main window is in full-screen mode, the editing window will automatically remain on top to prevent the editing window from being covered by the operation list.
  • 1. Fixed a bug encountered by a few people, which caused the tool to crash after selecting the jersey list

  • What is this tool about and why everyone loves this tool? This tool will make your life easier when creating a roster. Almost editable features are compiled in this tool. You can edit signature jumpshot, assign cyberface ID, animations, and other features through this tool.