NBA 2K23 How to Use Old Arenas to NBA 2K23 - Shared folder

NBA 2K23 How Use Old Arenas to NBA 2K23 

This guide will teach how to use old arenas from old 2K games like 2K20, 2K21, 2K22. If we put old arenas into our 2K23, some will experience bugs like the stadium becoming black and all of the players all black too. This happens because arenas from old 2k's are not compatible with 2K23.

Common bug: 

So what can we do? 
Of course, our great modders always have a solution. Here it is. 

Shared folder:

This is a common fix since 2K22. A lot of people already know this and it is basically the same process again for 2K23. I also post this when the 2K22 was just released which you can find it here. Use 2K21 Arena Mod to 2K22

This shared folder contains a lot of necessary files for you to use old courts and arenas from the previous 2K Versions. Just extract the files and directly put all the files into your NBA 2K23 Mods folder. Thanks to Tgsogood, Hokupguy, and Gojo