NBA 2K22 Se7enth UTD 2022-2023 Roster V1.9 By Bryan - 08.22.22 - TRENDING❗❗❗

NBA 2K22 Se7enth UTD 2022-2023 Roster V1.8 By Bryan - 08.21.22 

Mod Description: This mod adds  Se7enth UTD 2022-2023 Roster V1.9 By Bryan for NBA 2K22
Platform: 2K22
Release Date: 08.22.22
Version: 1.9

Added Players: V1.4

- Kent Bazemore to Sacramento Kings
- Paris Bass to Utah Jazz
- Dereon Seabron to New Orleans Pelicans (2-way)
- Kevon Harris to Orlando Magic (2-way)
- Braxton Key to Detroit Pistons (2-way)
- Jordan Hall to San Antonio Spurs (2-way)
Updated Accessories & Shoes:
- Kent Bazemore 
- Paris Bass 
- Dereon Seabron 
- Kevon Harris 
- Braxton Key 
- Jordan Hall 
Updated Signatures:
- James Harden
- Tyrese Haliburton
- Jordan Clarkson
- Kent Bazemore
Assigned Jersey Numbers:
- Kevin Knox #20
- Goran Dragic #7

Added Players: V1.5

*Updated Player Rotations for All 30 Teams.
Added & Released Players:
- Brodric Thomas to Boston Celtics
- Serge Ibaka to Milwaukee Bucks
- Malcolm Hill to Chicago Bulls 
- Moses Brown to Los Angeles Clippers
- Trent Forrest to Atlanta Hawks
- Orlando Robinson to Miami Heat
- David Duke Jr. to Brooklyn Nets
- Terry Taylor to Indiana Pacers 
- Nate Hinton to Indiana Pacers
- Joe Wieskamp to San Antonio Spurs
- James Johnson to FA
- Kelan Martin to FA
- Mychal Mulder to FA
Updated Accessories & Shoes:
- Brodric Thomas
- Malcolm Hill 
- Moses Brown
- Ziaire Williams
- Trent Forrest
- Orlando Robinson
- David Duke Jr.
- Terry Taylor
- Nate Hinton
- Joe Wieskamp
Updated Jersey Numbers:
- Sam Hauser #30
- Mfiondu Kabengele #27
- Julian Champagnie #5
- Joe Ingles #2
- Malcolm Hill #21
- Ricky Rubio #99
- Justin Holiday #9
- Jalen Johnson #1
- Nick Richards #4
- David Duke Jr. #6
- DJ Wilson #9
Updated Signatures:
- Steph Curry
- Klay Thompson

V1.6 update
Updated Accessories & Shoes:
- Giannis Antetokounmpo
- Jimmy Butler
Updated Signatures:
- Devin Booker
- Chris Paul
- Tyrese Haliburton (Refix)
- Damian Lillard
- Ja Morant
- LeBron James
- Anthony Davis
- Jalen Green

V1.7 Update 

Added & Released Players:
- Willie Cauley-Stein to Houston Rockets
- Luca Vildoza to Milwaukee Bucks
- Hugo Besson to FA (Agreed to a deal with Metropolitans 92 in France)

Updated Signatures:
- Paul George
- Ja Morant (Refix)
- Klay Thompson (Refix)
- Kyrie Irving (Refix)
- Loonie Walker IV
- Domantas Sabonis
- CJ McCollum
- Buddy Hield

Updated Accessories & Shoes:
- Bradley Beal
- LeBron James
- Paul George
- Willie Cauley-Stein
- Luca Vildoza


- Alize Johnson to San Antonio Spurs (1 year/$2 Million)
Updated Player Contract:
- LeBron James (2 year/$97.1 Million with PO on the 2nd year) Maximum Contract Extension
Updated Accessories & Shoes:
- Alize Johnson
Updated Signatures:
- Malik Monk
- Dorian Finney-Smith
- Russell Westbrook
- Brandon Boston Jr
- Draymond Green
- Tyrese Maxey
- Mikal Bridges
- Anthony Davis (refix)


Added & Released Players:
- Udonis Haslem to Miami Heat
- Jack White to Denver Nuggets
- Vlatko Cancar to Denver Nuggets
- Ismael Kamagate (Denver Nuggets) to FA (Signed with Paris Basketball)

Updated Player Contract:
- Davon Reed - 2yr/$3.89M

Updated Accessories & Shoes:
- LeBron James
- Nikola Jokic
- Luka Doncic
- Goran Dragic
- Cedi Osman
- Evan Fournier
- Franz Wagner
- Alperen Sengun
- Furkan Korkmaz
- Dario Saric
- Ivica Zubac
- Jack White
- Vlatko Cancar
- Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Assigned Jersey Numbers:
- Monte Morris #22
- Jack White #41

Updated Signatures:
- Quentin Grimes
- Desmond Bane
- Jamal Murray
- Jimmy Butler
- Darius Garland
- Tyler Herro
- Paul George (Refix)
- Jordan Poole (Refix)

* FOR STEAM USERS just download the updated roster in-game. "Se7enth UTD"

"Make sure to download rookies in site"

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