NBA 2K22 Remastered Sound Overhaul by Mahmood - RELEASED!

NBA 2K22 Remastered Sound Overhaul by Mahmood - RELEASED! 

The NBA 2K22 Remastered SFX Overhaul is a never-before-seen take on audio modding. With all-new Dribble, Net, Rim, Crowd, and Trash Talk SFX, the Remastered Sound Overhaul completely changes the way that NBA2K feels, paving the way for a more intuitive gameplay experience and deeper immersion.

Hi all, I'm showing you all my NBA 2K22 Remastered Sound Overhaul that I have been working on for the last month. I figured out a far faster way to make .RESA files on a whim, and it in turn made sound effect modding both a reality and easier than expected. I have successfully replaced all of the Net, Dribble, Backboard, Dunk, Catching, and Shoe Squeak SFX. I also found out how to mod crowd sounds, resulting in a 100% crowd overhaul with high quality assets. Crowds now feel more alive, and it's really nice to not hear the same cheers anymore. Crowds are also far louder during endgame situations / playoff games, and are for more emotional when they boo or don't like a call. Alongside that, I have also replaced every single Perfect Release SFX file in the game with memes and sounds. And, even beyond that, I have also updated all of the Player Grunts. Occasionally, you get to hear a little and-1 every now and then, but with my mod in, you hear players yell as they go up, hear them struggle, and even hear them talk trash to each other on Blocks, Steals, and fouls.



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