NBA 2K22 Definitive Realism Global by Brakayer

NBA 2K22 Brakayer's Definitive Realism Global 

Mod Description: This mod adds Brakayer's Definitive Realism Global for NBA 2K22
Platform: 2K22
Release Date: 07.16.22
Version: 1.0

What's inside!

- Improved face_sweatstreaks and chest_sweatstreaks.
- New and high quality sweat_normal.
- Sweat works in 12 minutes and is progressive (The more a player is used the more sweat).
- male_skin.iff for the perfect balance of sweat.

Credits to:
- Billows for his files from his global
- Psamyou'll for the chest and net files
- Lagoa, used his 2k20 global as reference for face_sweatstreaks

Lighting used in previews is SportsHub Next Gen V2
Shoutout to DEIBYS2KMOD & Anderson for being part of the process.

Programs used:
- ShaderMap in creating the sweat_normal, face_sweatstreaks, chest_sweatstreaks
- Photoshop & NVIDIA Texture Tools (For .DDS files)
- Notepad++

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