NBA 2K23 Wishlist - What is your wishlist?

NBA 2K23 will be out in a few months and sports have a different opinion because it's time for a new game in the NBA 2K series. It's still a while before the game's launch, so the developers aren't in a rush to share any details about the project. What's the wish list for NBA 2K23 players? 

What are things you are hoping to see in NBA 2k23?

Here are some wish list we looked on the internet. 

More Shoes Update

- Missing shoes updated more frequently
- Shoe colorways updating to new team colors when using a created team
- Ability to go back to any season in the past 10 years or so and start from that offseason or season. This would include correct rosters for the season selected and correct draft picks. (like you could go back to the 2013 offseason and have the Cavs select Giannis instead of Bennett). I realize not having past players rights in 2k would be an issue for this.

Realistic Graphics!

1. Realistic Graphics and Movements (please enough with the stiff player movements) 
2. Personal commentators for each teams + playoffs or finals for example Reggie Miller or collab with EA Sports to get Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. 
3. Make the commentators feel more alive commentating for each plays like what WWE 2K22 did.
4. Make my career story longer.

Cross-platform functionality

Many publishers have committed to adding cross-play to their games. For example, EA and the FIFA series. A great solution for 2K is to increase the ability for users to play together from different platforms.

More Classic Teams

- New Classic teams: 2009 Magic, 2010 Lakers, 2010 Cavs, 2010 Suns, 2013 Lakers, 2014 Nets, 2018 Rockets, 2018 Celtics, 2018 Thunder, 2019 Sixers, 2020 Lakers, 2021 Nets

Body Models and Animations

- Body types for almost every player is wrong, specially classic players (SHAQ, PERK and more)

- Arms length look super weird for a lot of players more pull ups and hop jumpers animations, (in 2k14 we had 38 pullups and 26 hop jumpers animations!!!) also they look very stiff and unnatural

- more rebounds animations, specially more two hands rebounds for bigs (it's super weird to see player like Joker with the same animations like Curry)

- fix hook shoots animations, most of them look extremely weird and unnatural

- fix help D and PNR for CPU

- fix AI for CPU by total, the choices made by individual players controlled by CPU are terrible!!!

- fix fast break

- fix Subs logic for CPU, players with 2 fouls in the first quarter, should be out of the game (never happens)

- give us more options for for coach settings in the roster edit menu like freelances to run, and which players should the cpu look for like 2k17

Comment download below your wishlist for 2K23 👇👇👇

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