NBA 2K22 Kuroko X Slam dunk Roster With Cyberfaces V2 by Acheritt - 06.15.22

NBA 2K22 Kuroko X Slamdunk Roster With Cyberface V2 by Acheritt 

Acheritt note:
Contents included :
- Include all the basics files from MusashiPlays Slam Dunk mods with some cyberfaces modifications either self made or taken from other modders like MyK. Add custom pictures, murals, icons for Slam Dunk teams.

- Also add 3 'Slam Dunk All Star' teams : East AllStar, West AllStar and Global AllStar.

- Kuroko teams with full cyberfaces, floor, jerseys, pictures, icons, murals included : Seirin, Rakuzan, Too Gakuen, Kaijo, Shutoku, Yosen, Vorpal Sword, Jabberwock

- This mod also includes all the arena from the FHSH 2k22 mod pack from TGsoGood (files s100.iff to s131.iff in the package; and the folder named 'Shared')

- Also you will find different other arena files like the Kuroko arena from AGP2K

Maybe a video of presentation or installation would be good but I am not really familiar with this ... If you want to make one or ask another Modder/Youtuber like The Goods, you are welcome to do so

Little Disclamer to put on this mod : 
I used several mods from different creators in order to get this result. All their original works also deserve the credits for this mod pack. 
Note : I spent so many working hours in order to create this mods files, hope you will enjoy it.


V2 UPDATE (06.15.22)

Difference with V1 : Cyberfaces improved for both SlamDunk and Kuroko characters, new arenas and floors, new eyes colors (pink, yellow, purple, red replacing amber, hazel, light_hazel and light_brown default color)
WARNING : I included my Global.iff in the package for the eyes colors modification -> if you don't want to change the default eyes color don't copy this file !!


Platform: 2K22
Release Date: 06.15.22
Mod Description: This mod adds  Kuroko X Slam dunk Roster With Cyberfaces V2 by Acheritt - 06.15.22 for NBA 2K22
Version: 1.0


1. Copy Mod files & paste to your mods folder

2. If you are playing offline - Download the roster for offline, copy remote files to your remote folder. Copy Sync Bin & paste to your local folder

3. If You are using steam - See above image

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