NBA 2K22 Live Broadcast Lighting (Bucks, Bulls, Lakers) Pack by SportsHub

NBA 2K22 Live Broadcast Lightings  (Bucks, Bulls, Lakers) Pack by SportsHub 

- trying to achieve a real LIVE broadcast atmosphere
- realistic arena lighting based on actual LIVE broadcast
- DIFFERENT LIGHTING for each arena based on actual live broadcast
- realistic skin, not shiny (HD textures, realistic skin tone)
- NO RESHADE needed

This stadium lighting mod is best paired with REAL SKIN Global v3 by SportsHub. HERE

NO RESHADE is necessary for this lighting mod but you can use any Reshade you like for a more realistic vibe. 
It is RECOMMENDED to use all 3 files (f0xx, s0xx, s0xx_floor_lightmap) to achieve desired lighting.

Huge Credits to these amazing modders:
- rtomb_03, 28cm is real, YKWL for the base stadiums
- Deibys, SRT-Lebron for the amazing courts
- Psamyou'll for the realistic net and physics

this mod adds live broadcast lighting made by sports 

author: Sportshub