NBA 2K22 30 TEAMS PACK Realistic HD Stadiums Lighting by Sportshub

NBA 2K22 30 TEAMS PACK Realistic HD Stadiums Lightings by Sportshub

- trying to achieve a REALISTIC LIGHTING in 2K
- realistic skin (HD textures, real skin tone)
- realistic crowd lighting (brighter)

This stadium lighting mod is best paired with REAL SKIN Global v3 by SportsHub. HERE

RESHADE is NECESSARY to achieve the best overall realistic lighting. Use the Realistic HD ReShade included.
It is RECOMMENDED to use the included FLOOR FILES and LIGHTMAPS for best overall experience. 
Some FLOOR FILES are MISSING because it is BETTER TO USE THE DEFAULT 2K floors for those since 2K did a fantastic job this year for the floor lighting and reflections. Default 2K floors look absolutely gorgeous in terms of overall textures.

- rtomb_03, 28cm is real for the base stadiums
- Deibys, SRT-Lebron for the amazing courts
- Psamyou'll for the realistic net and physics

author: Sportshub

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