[Realism Graphic Mod] Lakers Release V1.0 By Looyh & YKWL [FOR 2K20]

We are here again! Since the release of the game, we have been researching new game files and screen changes, and strive to optimize all aspects of the game to the greatest extent possible. We have more mature technology and higher goals, compared with the "realism" of the new year. It will also take it to the next level last year. This year, we are pointing to photo-level game screens, more realistic game scene optimization, richer customization options, etc... Let’s wait and see~

What is "realism"
"Realism" is a comprehensive optimization patch that focuses on modifying the experience of the game. We classify it as a quality patch because the patch gives the player the most intuitive feeling is a visual upgrade, including the game ball. The all-round modification of the pavilion, floor, perspective, close-up, and lighting atmosphere, "Realism" redefines the height of the 2K basketball game.

Real stadium atmosphere, including thin fog and imitation live picture color
Real new season basket model, basket advertising, rebound color
The bright arena LED display, including the sideboard billboards, the banner LED above the auditorium, and the LED lights and timers above the basket now have the correct color and brightness

Real and beautiful floor reflection
Real auditorium lighting, efforts to restore the real lighting environment of each arena
The stadium model that is as realistic as possible (the arena with a large difference between the part and the reality, the model is modified according to the reality)

Progress and plan
The update of "Realism" is expected to be updated in a three-stage cycle, including: regular season --> playoffs --> the finals, which is the longest in the regular season, because our time and energy are limited, not short-term I have completed the modification and production of a large number of teams. I hope everyone can understand that the progress and plans of the update will be posted on this page in time. The regular season update will be updated with the start of the new season.
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Author: Looyh&YKWL
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