NBA2K22 Tool (Roster Editor) V1.0.0 by Looyh - Released

NBA2K22 Tool (Roster Editor)  V1.0.0 by Looyh - Released 

author's note:
This tool is only for the convenience of making list mods. If it is used in online mode, it will be blocked at your own risk.

If you encounter any problems, read the instructions first, if not, then face the search engine and ask questions at the end.

The version update log is at the top of the download page file.

Front instructions (common problems)
The game needs to enter the list editing, or ml, mc and other modes, and then save the list after modification or let the game automatically save the list, so that the modified list can be saved, and the official cache list cannot be directly modified.

When someone else prompts that a dll does not exist at runtime (such as msvcr120.dll, vcomp120.dll), you need to install the C++ runtime library 2013 x64 , or (yes or not install both) you can also use the game runtime library collection (extract code: vvzs).

The tool can be installed in any location and does not need to be installed in the game directory. And it applies to all upgrade files.

Author: Looyh
NBA2K22 Tool (Roster Editor) V1.0.0 by Looyh - Released NBA2K22 Tool (Roster Editor)  V1.0.0 by Looyh - Released Reviewed by 2kspecialist on 9:31:00 PM Rating: 5
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